The following is a description of our breeding program, and how we socialize our puppies.
We have been breeding, raising, and enjoying our Labradors for well over 25 years.

We believe in puppies being reared properly. Litters are born and nurtured in our homes. During the first eight weeks, we spend a lot of time with them, handling and exposing puppies to different stimuli, new experiences, and people. Each and every puppy receives a lot of love, playtime and attention. Our puppies are socialized, current on vaccinations, and de-wormed before they go to their forever homes.

We sleep in the same room as the whelping box until the puppies are 3 weeks old. At that time, the puppies are moved to a pen in a busier part of our home. Puppies are introduced to household noises (e.g.vacuum), and various toys, etc. are switched in/out of their pen on a daily basis. Also, the puppies begin eating ‘mush’ and we start ‘litterbox’ training (puppies learn to pee and poop in the litterbox very quickly!). At 4 weeks old, weather permitting, puppies are taken outside and begin experiencing the many obstacles we have set up for them (e.g. deck, ramp, stairs, pool, tunnel, etc).

I personally enjoy sleeping with Mom in the puppy room for 2 weeks prior to the due date; and with Mom and puppies for the eight weeks they are here!

The time we spend with our puppies allows us to evaluate and match puppies with prospective families.

Our puppies have been bred for intelligence and temperament and we are proud that many have become service dogs for the NEADS Organization.

Some of the techniques we use to get our puppies ready to go to their forever homes are the Bio-Sensor (Super Dog) program, and The Rule of Sevens program. Techniques like these go a long way toward producing a well socialized, outgoing, confident adult.

Bio-Sensor (Super Dog)
The U.S. Military developed a program in the 1970’s called “BioSensor.” (Became publicly known as and often referred to as the “Super Dog” Program or Bio-Sensor Training for Dogs.) This program was developed to improve the performance of dogs used for military purposes. The basic premise of the program is that early neurological stimulation exercises could affect the performance of the dog. The Army’s research revealed that early stimulation of the puppy from the 3rd day through the 16th day influence rapid neurological growth and development.

Bio-Sensory Training for Dogs improves the development of the puppy’s neurological systems by early stimulation and stress. Five benefits have been observed in dogs that were exposed to the Bio Sensor stimulation exercises:

  • Improved Cardiovascular Performance,
  • Stronger Heart Beats,
  • Stronger Adrenal Glands,
  • More Tolerance to Stress, and
  • Greater Resistance to Disease.

The Rule of Sevens: Pat Hastings, AKC judge and author of The Puppy Puzzle offers these hints for socializing very young puppies. By the time a puppy is 7 weeks old it should have been exposed to the following:

  • Been on 7 different surfaces, such as: carpet, concrete, wood, vinyl, grass, dirt, gravel, wood chips, newspaper, etc.
  • Played with 7 different types of objects, such as: big balls, small balls, soft fabric toys, fuzzy balls, squeaky toys, metal items, wooden items, paper/cardboard items, milk/soda jugs, etc.
  • Been in 7 different locations, including: front yard, backyard, basement, kitchen, car, garage, laundry room, bathroom, crate, kennel, etc.
  • Been exposed to 7 challenges, such as: climbed a box, climbed off a box, gone through a tunnel, climbed up steps, climbed down steps, climbed over obstacles, played hide and seek, gone in and out of a doorway with a step, etc.
  • Eaten from 7 different containers: metal, plastic, cardboard, paper, china, pie plate, frying pan, etc.
  • Eaten in 7 different locations: crate, yard, kitchen, basement, laundry room, bedroom, x-pen, etc.
  • Met and played with 7 new people: including children and the elderly.

At 8 weeks old our puppies are ready for their forever homes. They are sold with a limited AKC registration and copies of all clearances are provided with the contract.