About 10 years ago, a good friendship and a shared love of labradors evolved into co-owning a puppy and a mentoring partnership with Diane Canis Potter. This puppy was one of Rita’s daughters. Diane named her Eileithyia (the Greek Goddess of Childbirth).

Diane is retired and lives with her husband, Chris, in Foster, RI on the CT line. The sign in their foyer says “LIFE IS GOOD IN OUR DOG HOUSE”. They currently share their home and beds (yes, two beds together!) with eight labs!!!! They have also been involved in rescuing senior labradors and lab mixes.

I now co-own several girls with Diane (some are retired). Diane and I have become quite the team! We share the same philosophy on all aspects of breeding and raising puppies – choosing the stud dog, insemination, all day/all night whelping sessions, and raising our puppies to be the best they can be!